You are only here for the 3D goats right?

You have to check the Premium Goats Pandemic Special Show!

Lorenz Wiedemann

CGI & Goats*

Drone Operator

I fly the Dji Inspire 1 Raw and the Dji Mavic Pro. I have a German UAV operator licence (Drohnenführerschein).
With new techniques like "augmented aerial" or "drone motion control" i try to push the boundaries of our business.

3D Generalist

I have over 10 years experience in Cinema 4D. I can do all the basic things needed in a regular 3D/VFX pipeline. Modelling, lighting, rendering, matchmoving and all the other "-ings" along the way of the production - animation and visualization included.

2D Motiondesigner

I am a dedicated Aftereffects expert. I make 2D animations and motiondesign.
I can do complex compositings with matchmoving or things like retouches, set extensions, logo- or wire removal. For rotoscoping i got friends
in far east.

Timefreeze Shooter

Because three dimensions are never enough for a true lover i am specialized in timefreeze shots. It's all about combining my well trained glidecam skills with VFX. Live's hectic enough so it's a good thing to make people freeze sometimes.

c'est moi


Photo by Helena Heilig

My 2D & 3D Animation Showreel

Showcasing some of my work of the last years.

See my Portfolio for further detailed informations about the projects.

About Me

I create CGI & Goats | I am CGI & Goats

I am a freelancer and digital artist from Munich (Bavaria).

I work together with some other creative people in the office community Stemmer & Consorten in the center of Munich right next to the Gärtnerplatz.

You can hire me for sitting in front of a computer as a 3D generalist or a motion designer
or you can hire me (in Germany) as a drone operator together with one of my drones or as a glidecam operator.

At the end of the day the digital cameras on my drones or on my glidecam are also computers so that's the reason why i consider all of my work as CGI - Computer Generated Images.

*What does "goats" in my context mean?

1. It's an acronym and means "Good Or Arty ThingS".
2. I name my drones ヤギ "yagi" (japanese for goat).
3. It means goat. I use 3D goat shapes to test p.e plugins and new technology and as part of the GOAT (Goat solutions since 1999) art collective i love creating goats. You find some handpicked goat related projects in the 3D & 2D Animation section of this website. As a really creative person you can't be reasonable all the time. Here the GOAT comes into play. Feel free to visit our website:


Software Skills

These numbers are relative of course. I'm always looking for opportunities to increase my skills.

  • Cinema 4D 95%

  • Syntheyes 90%

  • Aftereffects 97%

  • Photoshop 89%

Get in Touch

  • Basler Strasse 64 | 81476 Munich
  • +49 160 8247428