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My 2021 ZEITGEISS project is official sponsor of the Covid Aid India program of Caritas International.

Lorenz Wiedemann

CGI & Goats*

I am a social entrepreneur and digital artist from Munich.

With my skills i try to give visibility to ideas that are good for the society or the environment. A the end it's about doing the right thing at the right moment.
Together with my friends I already got a few good things done so I made a list.
Support my commitment by purchasing a Premium Goats sculpture.

What does "GOATS" mean in my context?

1. It's an acronym and stands for "Good Or Arty ThingS".
2. I call my drones ヤ ギ "yagi" (The Japanese word for goat).
3. It simply means goat. I use 3D geometries of goats to e.g. test new computer graphics technologies or just to experiment. The background: I'm a proud member of the GOAT (Goatsolutions since 1999) art collective and that's quite simply what we're doing there. Goats. You can find a couple of these goat CG projects in the 2D / 3D animation category on this website. Further analogue art projects on the subject of goats can be found as well as on the website of our art collective:

Drone Operator

I fly the Dji Inspire 1 Raw and the Dji Mavic Pro. I have a German UAV operator licence (Drohnenführerschein).
With new techniques like "augmented aerial" or "drone motion control" i try to push the boundaries of our business.

3D Generalist

I have over 10 years experience in Cinema 4D. I can do all the basic things needed in a regular 3D/VFX pipeline. Modelling, lighting, rendering, matchmoving and all the other "-ings" along the way of the production - animation and visualization included.

2D Motiondesigner

I am a dedicated Aftereffects expert. I make 2D animations and motiondesign.
I can do complex compositings with matchmoving or things like retouches, set extensions, logo- or wire removal. For rotoscoping i got friends
in far east.

Timefreeze Shooter

Because three dimensions are never enough for a true lover i am specialized in timefreeze shots. It's all about combining my well trained glidecam skills with VFX. Live's hectic enough so it's a good thing to make people freeze sometimes.

c'est moi


Photo by David Seitz

My passion

Previzualizing great ideas

The visualization of the Berblinger Tower in Ulm was realized for the artist duo Brunner and Ritz .
You can find a showreel for a brief overview of my other work in the field of 3D animation and compositing here .

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  • Basler Strasse 64 | 81476 Munich
  • +49 160 8247428