The Original Munic Goat

Don’t you worry: It’s Art. It’s the OMG.
The sequences are part of a video installation that was shown around the globe (Europe, USA, South Korea, Australia) in the year 2015. This project was a small step for the GOAT Art collective but a huge step for me.
From the technical point of view it was certainly one of the most complex projects i have realized so far.
My cousin helped me with the Motioncapture using a Sony Eye Toys Camera Rig and the iPi Motion Capture Software.
I achieved to get everything else done on my own.
Modelling, Texturing and Rigging of the Biped Goat, MoCap Data import and refining, recording and 3D tracking the life action footage and finally composing all together – and all this for 5 Shots.
For some further Informations feel free to visit the OMG’s project page on


rigged goat

blendshape interface


some blendshapes

mocap results





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