Here you find some techniques that make me want to say: I can deliver far more than just some pics from above...

Drone Motion Control

The art of letting fly & proper postproduction

It's all about the good shot. Drone motion control allows me to deliver better shots. By programming flight paths and 3D simulating the shot before the shot i am able to deliver an all new style of shot like the time morph shot. This means combining all seasons or a daytime change within one shot. But even if it's only about flying and recording one time it makes a lot of sense for precise previsualization and planning.

If you are interested in time morph shots you might contact me better sooner than later because getting it done might take a year. ­čśë


Augmented Aerial

The art of enriching aerial shots with CG content

By using advanced matchmoving techniques with the syntheyes software i can integrate any kind of 3D content into the aerial footage. Final rendering and compositing with Cinema 4D and Aftereffects allows every look from schematic to photo realistic.

I simply combined my two passions. And these are 3D animation and creating nice shots by flying drones.


At the end an augmented aerial is a shot with a moving camera and integrated visual effects.

In a normal production there would be several people or even companies involved to create this kind of VFX shot. Starting with a skilled drone pilot/drone operator over a matchmoving artist who gets the shot 3D tracked and solved. Continuing with the 3D modelling and lighting artist who integrates the 3D content in the scene. But let's not forget the compositor who merges all the rendered layers back together with the life action footage. And all these steps are normaly coordinated by a VFX producer.

It definitely needs some skills or manpower to create such visual content.
This kind of "effect shot" is in general reserved to top notch corporate, cinema or TV commercial productions.

I would love to help to lift your visualization project or cinematic production to this level.

Classic Drone Operating

One Drone - Two Operators

Of course i offer normal aerial video and foto production.
I fly camera carrying quadrocopters since 2014.

I have a german UAV Operator Licence (Drohnenf├╝hrerschein).

I am flying the following drones:

Dji Mavic Pro, Dij Phantom 4 Advanced, Dji Inspire 1 RAW


I fly the Inspire 1 RAW if needed with a second operator - a good friend and partner - from the Sunshinevikings.

> I always pay maximum attention to all the critical aspects of this job: Flight regulations, personal rights, safety precautions. <

I started of back in the days flying only at places where i was sure to bother nobody - so called lost places. The resulting film series "Lost places from above" obviously was quite good. A mashup was displayed at the European Drone Film Festival.


coming soon...


Using a thermal camera on a drone to save deers - not for money but for carma.